Subliminal Groove Records is a digital-first record label that focuses on developing musicians as content creators. Comprised of a small group of passionate artists with over 35 years of combined experience creating and performing music, Subliminal Groove Records understands the industry must adapt in the rapidly changing market.

Current Artists


A melodic death metal band delving into the world of post-rock. Kardashev combines swelling reverbs with brutal screams.


The first non-metal artist to sign with us, CASPRO brings a metal approach to writing synthwave music.

As Oceans

With the goal of bringing the destructive force of nature into music, As Oceans brings an almost forgotten connection to the world.

Hollow Oceans

Unnerving horror with a touch of melancholic beauty. Hollow Oceans makes deeply unsettling art that you can’t help but love.

Previous Artists

Sun Speaker

Bringing the influences of different occult practices together in one lore, Sun Speaker is attempting to redefine American death metal.