Subliminal Groove Records is a digital-first record label that focuses on developing musicians as content creators. Comprised of a small group of passionate artists with over 35 years of combined experience creating and performing music, Subliminal Groove Records understands the industry must adapt in the rapidly changing market.

Our Current Roster




The Almanac released 2017

Peripety released 2015

Iota released 2014

Excipio released 2013

Progression released 2012

Primitives released 2014

Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality released 2012


Causa released 2015

Gradus released 2014

Closure released 2014

Motionless released 2014

The MotionlessĀ Apocalypse released 2008

Ultimatum released 2016

Lucid Happenings released 2013

Beyond Conjecture released 2011

Prolonging the Agony released 2010

Pause released 2016

Wind released 2013

Identities released 2012

Elevate released 2016

Transcendence released 2014

Eschatologies released 2014

Reclamation EP released 2014

Lore of Lies released 2014

Ikona. Revolucia. released 2015

Nemertines released 2014

Mechta O Mechte released 2013

Full Black EP released 2013

Death, My Love released 2013

Scryers of the Ibis released 2013

Embark EP released 2015

Awaken in a Different Dimension releasedĀ 2014

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